SESSION 8 - Radiological and Nuclear events: methods, instrumentation, protection/decontamination, and technological developments

This session will host presentations based on the following description.


This session deals with both, fundamental and applied research and reviews regarding the design, construction, and use of instrumentation, methodologies, and techniques for the detection of nuclear radiation generated by natural and artificial radionuclides or by nuclear reactions used in several application fields (energy, medicine, industry, security, and safety).  The works can be oriented also on: the design and construction of systems for innovative nuclear measurements; the measurements and instrumentation for nuclear plants; the measurements and instrumentation used in nuclear decommissioning or waste management; the applications of radioisotopes in industrial and non-industrial fields; the detection of environmental radioactivity and nuclear metrology; safety and protection from radiation (Radio Protection); the geological, archaeological and environmental dating; methods and detection techniques for radio-ecology; the sensing techniques and instrumentation for biomedical application; radiometric measurements including gamma and particle emissions; the development and performance of nuclear instrumentation including radiation spectrometry, dosimetry, and novel counting systems. 

This session will host the work of the experts that will reflect those concepts.

Keywords: Nuclear Measures and Instrumentations; Nuclear Power Plants, R/N risks, Improved nuclear safety and security; R/N Emergency Preparedness Response; Radio Protection; R/N Protection and Decontamination; R/N technologies dual use; R/N Risk analysis; R/N risk assessment; R/N Modelling and simulation; Dirty Bombs; Drones, Unmanned Vehicles; Decommissioning