SESSION 3 - Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data mining, big data analysis, and DSS applied to CBRNe


Prof. Oleg Illiashenko

National Aerospace  University -  "KhAI" - Kharkiv



Institute of information science and technologies "A. Faedo" (ISTI-CNR)



Prof. Parag Chatterjee

National Technological University (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional), Buenos Aires



Dept. of Biological Engineering, University of the Republic (Universidad de la República)



Dr. Riccardo Rossi

Department of  Industrial Engineering  - University of Rome Tor Vergata


This session will host presentations based on the following description.


Cybersecurity is becoming crucial, as more information and advanced technology are being made available in cyberspace. As recent events have demonstrated, cyberspace must be considered the new theatre of warfare and has the potential to undermine the stability of a country. New terms, such as cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism, were coined to better describe this threat and there is growing concern among governments, that they are not ready to fully face such an emerging menace. More critical infrastructures today are remotely controlled via software systems that, while increasing efficiency, determine new vulnerabilities. Otherwise, innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analysis allow for improving risk mitigation in systems’ cybersecurity. In this scenario, CBRNe Intelligence plays an extremely important role in preventing the malicious use of, an otherwise beneficial, asset. A Decision Support System (DSS) can be seen as both a tool to help the decision-making process in the aftermath of a CBRNe event, as well as a tool to optimize the planning and management of operations. Today, DSSs are essential instruments in coping with problems that may not have been identified in advance and are changing rapidly, or when dealing with large amounts of data. DSSs are interactive software-based systems intended to help decision-makers to gather useful information from a combination of raw data, documents, and personal knowledge. Therefore, DSSs greatly assist in the identification and solving of problems, hence the decision-making process. In this regard, DSSs can be extremely helpful when applied to CBRNe Prediction, Planning, and Emergency Management. 

This session will host the work of the experts that will reflect those concepts.

Keywords: Cyberthreats problems and protection; Critical infrastructure risks and control; Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to prevent emergencies and reduce risks during disasters;  Big data analysis and data mining; Big Data Analytics and Data Mining Applied to Safety & Security; Software and ICT Tools for Safety & Security; CBRNe Events — Prediction and Management; Predictive Analytics in Risk Management; Cybersecurity and modern cyber-warfare & cyber-terrorism; Artificial Intelligence Towards Safety & Security; ICT Vulnerabilities and Computational Aspects of Safety & Security; Privacy Issues in IoT, AI and Smart Systems; Intelligent Systems in Risk Management; Decision Support Systems in Safety & Security; Big Data Analysis; Data Mining Applied to Safety & Security; Deep Learning; Machine Learning; Software and Tools for Safety & Security; CBRNe Events Prediction and Management