Prof. Tzany Kokalova Wheldon

CHAIRMAN T.4. -Radioactive and Nuclear threats

Prof. Wheldon is currently  working in the field of exotic nucleiat the University of Birmingham (UK). Exotic nuclei are studied by charged-particle spectroscopy in the group. Energy levels in nuclei comprised of sub-clusters of protons and neutrons are synthesised in the laboratory. These states are responsible for providing the gateway to production of the elements in stars. (You can read about this topic in more detail here.) Other aspects of the group's work involve understanding the structure of nuclei at the interface between the slow- and fast- neutron capture processes that take place in supernovae and investigating nuclei far from stability using 'knockout' reactions. The group travels extensively, performing experiments at laboratories in Australia, the US and Europe.


  • Director of the Nuclear Decomissioning and Waste Management MSc. programme,
  • Detectors on the French student summer school
  • Waste-to-Wealth PBL decommissioning topic on the French student summer school
  • First-year electronics lecture course,
  • First-year tutorials for nuclear engineers,
  • Second-year tutorials for nuclear engineers,
  • Second-year projects,
  • Third-year teaching in schools,
  • Third-year nuclear engineering laboratory,
  • Third-year nuclear engineering decommissioning group-study,
  • Fourth-year project supervisor (Physics),
  • Fourth-year project supervisor (Nuclear Engineering),
  • PTNR MSc. laboratory,
  • PTNR MSc. quality assurance lead,
  • Currently supervising four Ph.D students in nuclear physics.