Prof. Steve Johnson

CHAIRMAN T.5. -CBRNe crisis and emergency management, Communication, Investigation and Forensic, Education and Training

A dedicated, versatile highly accomplished Business Director seasoned with 12 years of rigorous experience in the design and delivery of Emergency Management, CBRN Safety & Security, Learning and Education industry. He used to providing his services to a variety of domestic and foreign government, military and civilian personnel within austere, hostile & intense HazMat & live CBR agent environments. Possessing a robust skill-set reinforced by two master degrees in CBRNe protection for First  Responders and decision-makers' support in Emergency Management from the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Mr. Ahmed serves as a Subject Matter Expert in ensuring that appropriate resources are identified and applied to support  client training schedules, events and evaluated exercises to provide safe, innovative, and reliable solutions to meet clients'  diverse and complex challenges.

He is an effective communicator and dynamic decision maker driven by solid analytical, leadership and advisory skills, came with a proven record of business start-ups/expansions.