Member of the L.O.C. - SICC 2023

Prof. Pasquale Gaudio

University of Rome Tor Vergata

Prof. Pasquale Gaudio achieved the Master Degree in Physics and the Ph.D. in Quantum Electronics and Plasma Physics (2007). He is an Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata. Dr. Gaudio is an expert in laser and its applications; he worked for several years in the field of the environmental remote sensing techniques Lidar/Dial. In this context, he worked with important private companies, such as Finmeccanica SpA and Vitrociset SpA. He coordinates several research projects granted by the National and International funding programs (both public and military programs) about laser system development for Toxic Industrial Chemical, Toxic Industrial Material, Chemical Weapon Agents and Biological Weapons Agents identification an protection and CBRNe safety and security. He collaborates with the “Associazione EUROFUSION - ENEA per la Fusione” to study the dust mobilization inside thermonuclear fusion reactors. In the same framework, his research activities on Nuclear Fusion involves analysis and interpretation of the polarimeter signal at JET fusion reactor in Culham (UK). Currently Dr. Gaudio is the coordinator of the both International Master Courses in Protection Against CBRNe events (I and II levels). He is author of more than 200 scientific works published on International Journals, Conferences Proceedings and of three Italian Patents.