SESSION 9 - Chemical and explosive events: methods, instrumentation, protection/decontamination, algorithms and technological developments

This session will host presentations based on the following description.


Chemical agents and explosives are widely used in the industrial world; they are often easily available on the open market and therefore may be used deliberately to cause harm. Under this premise, it is clear how important Chemical and Explosive Safety and Security are for first responders and other involved professionals, civilian and military organizations, and the population. New instruments and algorithms to detect, classify and identify chemical agents play a significant role to improve chemical monitoring and ensure prompt and conscious actions to face these events.  Moreover, innovative technologies and methods to improve protection and decontamination systems, countermeasure actions, and treatments are crucial to ensure efficient mitigation and prevention. This section discusses all instrumentations,  materials, devices, techniques, algorithms, and methodologies that aim at improving safety and security in the field of chemical hazards. Furthermore, this section also deals with all the technologies, methodologies, and strategies designed to counteract the malevolent use of explosives.  

This session will host the work of the experts that will reflect those concepts.

Keywords: CAs, Case and CWAs  Contamination and Decontamination; Experimental and Applied Physics for Ce Agents Decontamination, Protection, Risks Reduction; Engineering Applications for Ce and CW Agents Decontamination, Protection, Risks Reduction; Technical Challenges on Ce CWA; Ce and CWA Research & Innovation; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Materials, Technologies, and Systems; Collective Protective Equipment’s (CPE) Materials, Technologies, and Systems; Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials for Safety & Security; Drones, Unmanned Vehicles applications.