SESSION 6 - Emergency communication and psychology

This session will host presentations based on the following description.


Clear communication strategies and effective psychological approaches are significant aspects to improve the quality of the prevention and management of CBRNe events. Reducing the effects and consequences on the population as well as operators in the field. First responders are the primary contact with the victims of a CBRNe emergency as well as with the components of other teams on the hotspot. Sound knowledge of the issues affecting the psychology of those involved and communication at strategic, operational, and tactical levels is a key aspects of an effective response. Mastering emergency communication is essential to avoid the spread of incorrect or inappropriate information that may cause, panic, or lead the population to underestimate the gravity of the situation. Thus, Raising Awareness in the population is another fundamental aspect on which emergency communication and psychology are focused. In this regard, the investigation of the public perception of risks is an essential element to improve the effectiveness of communication. 

This session will host the work of the experts that will reflect those concepts.

Keywords: Emergency Communication and Information; Emergency Psychology; First Response in Case of CBRNe Events; Raising Awareness; Public Risk Perception