SESSION 5 - CBRNe medical emergencies, first aid, and pandemics management

This session will host presentations based on the following description.


Whereas first aid plays a key role in an effective response to a CBRNe emergency, proper medical management is equally crucial to successfully respond to pandemic events. Hospitals and other health services represent critical infrastructure that must be prepared and resilient in case of CBRNE incidents and attacks. This means having plans, procedures, equipment, and trained personnel, on the one side, and smooth cooperation among first responders and stakeholders on the other. An increasing number of research and innovation projects addressing the issue of medical management and first aid in the framework of CBRNE events testifies to the growing need to find new and smart solutions in terms of materials, equipment, procedures, communication, and general management. 

This session will host the work of the experts that will reflect those concepts.

Keywords: Medical management and the role of medical management in CBRNe safety and security; Medical countermeasures: vaccines, antimicrobial and antiviral drugs, blood products and antibodies, devices including diagnostic tests; Triage; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Collective Protective Equipment (CPE); Decontamination; Diagnostic and Surveillance; Biological emerging and re-emerging threats and Epidemiology; Dual-use technologies; Chemical, Biological, Radiological threats to medical management; Hazardous materials – hazmat; Innovative materials for medical applications; Public Health emergencies management