SESSION 2 - Geopolitical, economical, and legal aspects related to CBRNe events and International Cooperation

This session will host presentations based on the following description.


In an ever-changing international scenario, with non-conventional and CBRNe threats on the rise, the need for Global Partnership focused on Safety and Security is essential. Cooperation among international entities is a key aspect of the preparedness and ability to counteract CBRNe events, whose effects could often cross borders, jeopardizing the safety of the population of different countries. Non-Proliferation and Disarmament initiatives are a fundamental means of reducing the risks connected to the proliferation and potential use of CBRNe agents. International Response Systems allow improved public Safety and Security in these situations. 

CBRNe is a multidiscipline field, which requires a high level of commitment from law and policymakers to define sound political and legal instruments to effectively deal with the subject. The “old” threat represented by the military use of chemical, biological, radiological/nuclear, and explosive agents has rapidly evolved due to a constantly changing world, compounded by cyber-related issues as well as technological and dual-use implications. Moreover, to guarantee the rapid movement of people and goods worldwide, there is a clear need for strong and easily applicable legal regimes. At the same time, CBRNe and Cyber threats must be examined carefully from the economical perspective since many assets may be the target of CBRNe or Cyber-attacks. Moreover, economic investigations and business continuity represent useful tools and can provide additional information related to the illicit trade of CBRNe materials worldwide. 

This session will host the work of the experts that will reflect those concepts.

Keywords: Non-Proliferation and Disarmament; International Cooperation and Response; Global Partnerships for Safety and Security; Evolution of the CBRNe Threats; Terrorist Threats; Improvised Explosive Device (IED), Explosives Ordinance Disposals (EOD), Non-Conventional Threats (NCT); Explosives and Dirty Bombs; Dual Use. International legal frameworks governing CBRNe: gaps and opportunities; Non-proliferation and disarmament regimes; Economic analysis of CBRNe events; Business continuity, the International legal framework governing Cyber related issues: gaps and opportunities, Economic analysis of Cyber threats