T.3. Cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructure, IoT and AI Investigation


Dept. of Computer Systems, Networks and Cybersecurity - “KhAI”

National Aerospace University 


This technical table will host talks on:

  • Cyberthreats problems and protection;
  • Critical infrastructure risks and control;
  • Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to prevent emergency and reduce risks during disasters;
  • Investigation during CBRNe events;
  • CBRNe forensic and forensic science;
  • Big data analysis and data mining;
  • Big Data Analytics and Data Mining Applied to Safety & Security
  • Software and ICT Tools for Safety & Security
  • CBRNE Events — Prediction and Management
  • Predictive Analytics in Risk Management
  • Cybersecurity and modern cyber-warfare & cyber-terrorism
  • Artificial Intelligence Towards Safety & Security
  • ICT Vulnerabilities and Computational Aspects of Safety & Security
  • Privacy Issues in IoT, AI and Smart Systems
  • Intelligent Systems in Risk Management
  • Decision Support Systems in Safety & Security