Dr. Laura Morciano - L.O.C member

Dr Laura Morciano is a researcher at Biomedicine and Prevention Department, with an expertise in emergency organization. She has the training in Public Health, Risk Management and Health Direction. In 2016, she won a PhD studentship and in 2018 she won a research grant on the Analysis of Emergency Department. To date, she is Health Director at Santa Famiglia clinic, in Rome, and she is Risk Manager of several clinics in the Lazio Region. She has the expertise in risk evaluation in all levels of the health organization, and she masters most of the common risk analysis tools. Since 2011, she has authored several research articles, in the fields of infectious diseases, epidemiology and organization of health services, epidemiology of chronic diseases and frailty. She taught Epidemiology and Public Health in University courses (Medicine and Surgeon, biotechnology, nurses sciences, biology) and in many first and second level university master: CBRNe, physiotherapy, nurse specialist in epidemiological surveillance and control of healthcare-related infections.